About Us

Greyhound Facts is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide a place to learn about all aspects of present day greyhound racing in the USA from those with hands on experience. Our network of volunteers includes people who are actively involved in the breeding, raising, training, and rehoming of these wonderful hounds, as well as those who adopt them.Black heart logo

Often, the general public doesn’t have a true understanding of what the lives of racing greyhounds are like and how their track experiences contribute to them becoming the great pets that are placed in homes. Our goal is to provide honest information, sourced from those who truly care about this breed and who look out for its well-being. In the end, all are welcome to form their own opinions, but we wish to provide a source of unbiased information with which to make that decision.

If you’ve ever wondered what a greyhound puppy looks like, what treats and toys a racing kennel has, why some retired hounds light up at the sight of an 8-year-old human and how to safely cool down a dog after a play session, this is the place for you. We’re always exploring and learning, and our mission is to share what we learn with you.

We also believe it is important to support the many adoption groups who work tirelessly with the trainers, kennels, and owners to get these wonderful dogs from the track to our homes. We have a number of fundraisers to help provide financial support to these groups. Please check back frequently to see our current ones.

Contact us at info@greyhoundfacts.net.