Haulin Biscuits “Holly”

What Was the Inspiration for the Name Haulin Biscuits?

Holly July 2014We asked Amanda, who was the winner of our first “Name That Pup” contest, how she came up with Holly’s name.

“I picked out the name after about a month of deliberation. I went back and forth between names that meant something special to me and clever sounding names, but ultimately settled on something that made me smile. A friend of mine in high school said once, when we were passed by a semi truck flying down the highway that, “Man, that truck is haulin’ biscuits!” I promptly stole the phrase and have used it ever since.”

Other Options?

“Runner up names were Iona Cuyahoga (for my grandmother and Cleveland, OH where I’m from), Buckeye Quarry, which again is a nod to my hometown, and Notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsberg). Haulin Biscuits is just a fun (and fast!) name, but it took a lot of thought, debate, and brainstorming to get to the final product! I’m very happy with it, though.”

Kennel Name

And how did she come up with the kennel name Holly?

“Well, I liked “Haulin Biscuits” also because it happened to start with an H, and that “Holly” could be short for “haulin”…it all just seemed perfect.”

Race Recap 2016

Holly has had some well deserved rest and relaxation since her last race on October 22, 2016. Stay tuned for Holly’s return in 2017!

According to TrackInfo, Holly finished the 2016 season with 57 races, with 8 firsts, 9 seconds, 7 thirds, 7 fourths, 11 fifths and 3 sixth. Holly focused on the 503m/550y distance, and had an average time of 31.34. Her fastest time was on May 2, 2016 where she rounded the oval in 30.70!

Off to the Races

May 2015

Holly is at the Dubuque track in Iowa now and is schooling (practice races) before she’ll have any official races. She schooled yesterday (5-4-2015) and won one of her races last week. Way to go Holly!

Haulin On the Farm

January 2015

The latest report from the finishing farm is a good one. Holly and her sisters are doing everything right. The first update we received they were doing field work. Now they’re onto the track. We don’t have any official times yet, but they are running really aggressive and are lure crazy.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for her and her littermates.

Finishing Farm Update

November 2014

photo 4

Holly arrived in Oklahoma on November 7th along with her five sisters. Reports from the finishing farm are that they are all doing well in their field work.

They should be there for about four to five months learning what they’ll need to know for the track. They’ll also be assessed as to whether they’re fast enough to make it to the track and which one they are best suited for. We’ll share updates whenever we receive them.

Please join us on the next part of her journey. Will we be following her at the track or will she have an early retirement on Amanda’s couch?

Stay tuned.

Haulin Biscuits “Holly”

photo 5

Amanda Hodgson, the winner of our “Name the H Pup” contest in September, received official word in Demember that her name choice was accepted by the NGA.

Her registered name is Haulin Biscuits and her kennel (pet name) is Holly.

photo 2

Amanda also has first rights in adopting Holly when she retires. We’ll be following Holly’s follies from the farm, to the track, to becoming a treasured pet. Will she become a professional athlete or have an early retirement? Follow her journey with us here.

Congratulations again to Amanda and best of luck to Holly.

A special thanks to Schmidt Greyhound Kennel for making this all possible!

Holly Aug 2014