Oswald Cobblepot x LK’s Energizing

Blu Too logoWe’re happy to announce that Blu Too Kennel has generously allowed us to follow their Oswald Cobblepot “Ozzy” x LK’s Energizing “Carrie” litter on our website.

Mama Carrie whelped 3 brindles and 6 varying shades of red puppies on 6/26/2014. The litter of three boys and six girls was named after the kennel owners’ parents and grandparents with the exception of one, Thor. Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption was offered naming rights on him.

Carrie and her puppiesThe boys are named: Douglas, James and Thor.

The girls are named: Annette, Sarah, Nellie, Ruth, Katherine, and Lillian.

The puppies are eating milk/meat 3 times a day. Mama is very gentle and sweet, she really loves this litter. They are gaining weight steadily, between a pound and a pound and a half each week. Softened kibble will be added to their meals this weekend. Today (7/25/2014) they received their first parvo vaccine.

We hope you will enjoy watching them transform from little jellybeans into mature adults.

Meet Carrie

Carrie (LK's Energizing)

Litter Update – Feb 2016

Lilly completed her service dog training with Greyt Hearts Service Dogs and is now living with her mom Lynn. Her new job is to warn Lynn of impending migraines. Good girl!


Lilly pictured with permission from Patti Goettler.
For an update on James, please see our blog post.James (Blu Too James)
James pictured with permission from Heather Brandon.

Litter Update – Sept 2015

James and Lilly have both been adopted due to a broken leg each received while running around playing on the farm. Lilly is training to be a service dog. The rest of the pups are showing promise to be professional athletes.

The girls headed to Palm Beach with their owner/breeder a few weeks ago to start unofficial schooling (practice races).
The boys need a little more time to mature. We’ll see in a couple of months what kind of race dogs they will be.

These pups are no longer land sharks! They are all happy, willing students learning race kennel etiquette. Sarah, Katherine and Doug are the quiet ones. Annette, Nellie and Ruth are super smart and Thor is the baby.

For those of you who are concerned about how the dogs are treated, please visit the Blu Too Facebook page for an inside look. There are LOTS of pictures and of course, videos.

James, pictured on the left, is in his new home. I guess he’s got the retirement thing down! Lillian’s picture, on the right, is from the day she left for her service dog training with Greyt Hearts Service Dogs.


Litter Update – May 2015

They’re about 10 months old now. How time flies!

Here’s the update from the farm:
We are starting to see changes in this litter. They are a slow maturing group, still very puppyish. Still lots of playing.

The stand out kids are, Annette, Sarah, Ruth and Thor. They are smaller, finer dogs. Very fast! The girls are a lot more assertive than the boys. They are a happy lot of pups, always smiling with game faces on.

Litter Update – Feb 2015

All of the Cobblepots are doing great! They are happy, wild and wiggly pups that love the sprint path! They are fiery little dogs and fast!

The Pups’ Personalities – Dec 2014

I was wondering now that Carrie’s litter is getting older, what each of their personalities were like. So I asked Blu Too.

Here is the personality roster:

ANNETTE – Funny, silly, prankster. Likes to get a running start for the old knee sweep. This puppy is hilarious! She loves her toys and is often seen stealing the stash of others. Very intelligent.

LILLIAN – AKA Silly Lilly. Very sweet, energetic little pup who’s cheesy grin will melt your heart. Loves to lay in the sun and dig enormous holes. Her favorite friend is Rosey the bulldog.

KATHERINE – (my namesake) is appropriately, a workaholic. Never misses a chance to razz up the other pups in a game of chase. She hates carrots.

RUTH – Honest little pup. Happy, smiling, always wagging her whole body. Notorious for standing in her food dish and swimming like a little shark in her water tub.

NELLIE – Another firecracker. Annette’s partner in puppy capades. Peanut butter hog. Wired for sound is Miss Nellie. Likes to play a serious game of puppy twister…

SARAH – Serious pup. All business. Not too much interest in her sisters silly business. Game for the chase, roaching pro. Known to hoard cashes of shank bones.

JAMES – Sweet, sweet boy. Huge heart. Gentle soul. Stands up to his brothers only when needed. Run, sleep, play, run, sleep, play…

THOR – (Blu Too Buckaroo). Happy boy, dances and prances. Very easy to work with. Loves kids, keen on the lure, broccoli junky.

DOUGLAS – Very serious pup. Patient, quiet, reserved. A watcher. Loves ear rubs, and hug cuddles.

Litter Update – Dec 2014

The pups are doing field work!

“Field work” at the Blu Too farm starts when the pups are three months old with pack walks. By six months it’s short coursing runs, lengthening the distance and speed of the lure over the next six months. At 12 months, it’s into the race kennel and out of starting boxes on the training track.

Litter Update – Sept 2014

The pups are teething machines right now! Blu Too is gearing up for the cooler weather and adding a little extra fat to the feed. The little ones are learning how to walk on leash.

Litter Update – July 2014

She’s such a wonderful mother, she is so kind and gentle. Carrie and her puppiesWhen she first lies down with her pups she likes to put her head down flat to be smothered by her babies, often times in play.

Right now Sarah is by far the most outgoing and vocal. She is very friendly and so playful! They are all wonderful and slowly they are developing their individual personalities as they grow.

Baby Cobblepot Pictures

The whole litter is built like their mom. But smoking fast!

Cobblepot litterCobblepot litter July 2014Cobblepot litter July 2014Cobblepot litter Aug 2014Cobblepot litter Aug 2014

November 2014 – Five Months Old

Left to right:

Sarah, Ruth

Nellie, Katherine

Annette, Douglas

Lillian, James, and Thor.

Cobblepot litter Nov 2014

 March 2015 – Nine Months

Cobblepot litter Mar 2015
Cobblepot litter March 2015


Douglas April 2015


September 2015 – James has been adopted due to a broken leg he received while running around playing on the farm. Looks like he’s got the retirement thing down!


James Aug 2014James Mar 2015James July 2015


Katherine April 2015


September 2015 – Lilly has been adopted due to a broken leg she received while running around playing on the farm. She is training to be a service dog.

Here’s Lilly on the day she left for training with Greyt Hearts Service Dogs.


Lillian Oct 2014Lillian Oct 2014Lillian Mar 2015Lillian May 2015


Nellie Nov 2014


Ruth April 2015


Sarah Oct 2014Sarah Dec 2014Sarah Jan 2015


Thor Sept 2014Thor Sept 2014Thor Dec 2014Thor Jan 2015Thor Aug 2015


The wildest little pickle in the kennel. She’s hilarious! She turns herself into a doggie dancing machine regularly. She is tiny and very slight.

She is such a happy pup. She loves the sprint path and can run! We look forward to watching her grow into those legs.

December 2015 – Annette is the first from her litter to hit the track. She won her first official schooling race on 12-27 and her second on 12-30. She’s off to a great start!

Blu Too AnnetteBlu Too AnnetteAnnette Sept 2014Annette Sept 2014Annette Nov 2014AnnetteAnnette Jan 2015Annette May 2015Annette July 2015

Annette and Sarah

Annette and Sarah Nov 2014

Sarah and James

Sarah and James Oct 2014

Doug and Sarah

Doug and Sarah Aug 2014

Katherine, Nellie, Sarah and Ruth

Katherine, Sarah, Nellie and Ruth Nov 2014

Doug, Thor and James

Douglas, Thor and James March 2015