KK White Zin “Zin”

Introducing Zin

Zin joins Greyhound Facts as one of our “Follow That Pup” racers, courtesy of her owners, Patti and Randy Kacer. She is a brindle female weighing about 62lbs, and is racing at the Orange Park track in Jacksonville, Florida. Her breeding is Eds Budby x Big Drama and she was whelped on 12/1/12.

Her kennel name comes from one of her owners’ favorite drinks. You can check out her lineage, siblings, and race stats here. We are also following her brother, Scotch (KK Scotchwhiskey).


Zin’s 2016 Racing Recap

Zin finished the 2016 with 78 races. While she focused on the 603m/659y distance for 77 of those races, she did try her paw on the 503m/550y distance once on May 14, 2016. Zin certainly enjoys her longer distances! She finished 2016 with 16 firsts, 20 seconds, 14 thirds, 17 fourths, 5 fifths and 4 fourths, with an average time of 38.01. Her fastest time was 37.54 on March 7, 2016.

Zin Wins Again

Zin rounded the Orange Park 550 yard oval on January 24 in 31.75 to win her Grade C race. She came out of the one hole, slowed to 7th position in the first turn, then slowly built to third coming out of the far turn to win! Check our her race replay here!

Zin Wins

Congratulations to Zin as she places first in her Grade D race on January 9, despite late trouble. Coming from the 8 hole, she’s 6th in the first turn, pulls up to fifth in the back stretch, and moves into 2nd coming into the home stretch, for the win in 31.51! Watch her replay here and see her moves throughout the 550 yards. Way to go Zin!


Zin’s 2014 Race in Review

According to TrackInfo, Zin’s 2014 year in racing saw her run around the oval 21 times at Orange Park.

Zin ran the 550 yard course, and has 3 wins to her name. She has six 2nds, four 3rds, three 4ths, 1 fifth and 1 sixth. Her average time has been 31.69, with her fastest in 31.13. She has graded up from Maiden to C, and is currently running in grade D.

What will 2015 have in store for Zin?


Zin and Her OwnersZin

Scotch and Zin

Zin Breaks Her Maiden

Zin (KK WhiteZin) broke her Maiden with a photo finish. She’s moving up to grade D with her brother Scotch (KK ScotchWhiskey). Congratulations Patti and Randy Kacer!

Follow her story along with our other active racers on our website under “Follow That Pup“.

She’s wearing the yellow #6 in the replay video.


Zin’s Maiden

KKWhite Zin ran her Maiden today and placed 2nd. Way to go, pretty girl!

She’s another one of the pups we’re following along with her brother Scotch. She recently started her career at the Orange Park track.


Puppy Love at the Track


Schooling for Zin and Scotch

The other littermate pair we’re following schooled on Monday. Zin (KKWhiteZin) finished a strong 3rd, and her brother Scotch (KK Scotchwhiskey) made his owners’ heart skip a few beats when he got caught up in traffic and took a tumble. Scotch got up and finished the race, and is ready to hit the track again today with his sister for another round of schooling.

Fast and safe around the oval guys!KK White Zin

First Schooling Race for Scotch and Zin

The siblings ran their first official schooling races at Orange Park on Thursday.

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