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Blu Too Kennel has graciously allowed us to follow the Oswald Cobblepot “Ozzy” x LK’s Energizing “Carrie” litter from their farm to the track. We invite you to join the fun while viewing photos and videos, and reading our updates on these little bundles of energy.

imageBlu Too Kennel raises and trains racing greyhounds and working scent hounds. The Iowa program started in 2011 as an addition to the established Northern Nevada location in operation for 20+ years (Blu Pine), hence the Too in Blu Too.

They are a family owned and operated facility. Each person has an area of expertise that contributes to the overall function of their program.

Let’s meet the crew:

Katherine oversees the breeding program, training, nutrition, and general management of all programs.

Jay is in charge of promotions, partnerships, sales, and maintenance.

Eliya is the kennel manager, assistant trainer, and authority on therapeutic massage. She is currently working on her certification in canine sports therapy.

Cajun (the oldest son) is the lure course operator and assistant trainer.

The youngest son is their pup stimulator (vital role, seriously) and all around great help.

They will be moving to Florida in late fall of 2015. For now, they will maintain their Iowa and Nevada locations.

Permission to use the Blu Too logo granted by Blu Too Kennel.

Behind the Scenes

Blu Too recently relocated to Florida from Iowa. Here’s a behind the scenes look at their everyday duties and life on the farm.

Click here to view behind the scenes at Blu Too’s kennel.

Good Morning!

Meet the Blu Too Crew!

The Main Man Serving Up Treats.

The 28 Year Old Veteran of the War on Poop.

Tattooing Time.

Blu Too Puppies

by Katherine Abatti ©2014

I get a lot of requests for greyhound puppies. I’d like to share some information. Not all greyhound farms are the same. Everyone has a different program. I am referring only to the Blu Too Program.

A greyhound puppy is different from other pups. They are extremely active and need a lot of work and specific routine to stay healthy, happy, and fit.

From what I know most people would not have the time, energy or space for a young grey. I’ve had many dogs over the years. I’ve worked with thousands in some capacity or another, all different kinds. I giggle when I think of the average grey puppy in a pet home. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be for some, but for most it would be quite an undertaking.

Nap timeGreyhounds are like stars. They have to burn very bright before the light becomes steady and comforting. Retired racers are those steadily burning stars. The pups are another story. A young race bred greyhound needs to run! Not around someone’s backyard but out in a very large open space. Everyday.

From the time our young greys are 12 weeks old, the average run length is 500 feet, but that isn’t enough. They get two turn outs daily on 7 and 15 acre areas. An hour each turn out. This is a time they can explore, socialize, play in the creek, etc. When they are old enough they are sprinted with a lure coursing machine in a 40 acre field. The need for speed and chase is part of them, like little kids who need to play. They will chase anything including your cats and kids, a blowing bag, cars, on a fence line….

Greyhounds are sprinters. They do not usually make good jogging partners. They are designed for short bursts of high speed during chase, much like a cheetah. When a greyhound matures the drive becomes less and a comfy couch or bed becomes more appealing than a mad dash.

I have seen some greyhound puppies that do well in pet homes, but they are the exception rather than the rule. The success stories with pups are usually from people who give them a job and keep them busy with a steady routine.

Our rule of thumb on the farm for pups 12 weeks or older is “enter at your own risk”. I have had many youngsters almost take out a knee with over zealous hellos and 25 mph side swipes.

So if the opportunity ever arises to adopt a greyhound puppy, please consider it carefully before you make the commitment.

©2014 Blu Too Kennel

Blu Too Kennel

by Katherine Abatti ©2014

Being a part of racing greyhounds is a privilege. I love to watch them grow and learn. From sweet little jelly beans (birth to 8 weeks) to ferocious land sharks (8-12wks) to little students exploring their boundaries. Learning to use their amazing eyesight while developing strong bodies. Learning manners and routine (12 weeks to 6 mo) then into fine young pupils honing their skills of chase and form. Beginning to develop the amazing body they need for speed (6-12 mo). Watching them learn the ways of a race kennel, routine, patience, and all of the necessities of being a racer; blankets, different muzzles, starting boxes, handlers, the race track (12-16 mo) and then off to the races.

Blu Too farmA well mannered, finely tuned athlete with centuries of instinct and desire to run, propelling them along on a course set up for our entertainment and pleasure (18 mo-3.5 years or so) then off to a happy, safe home. The wild, mad runs behind them settled onto a cozy bed in a home where they can grow old.

Greyhounds are amazing! They need to run when they are young. It is not something we make them do. It is something they live for. Retired racers are so incredible because they have experienced an incredible journey.

If you have greyhounds, honor their life by taking time to understand their past. I know there are bad situations in all aspects of the world including the racing greyhound world, but there is a lot more good than bad. Those of us who live the world of working dogs everyday understand the drive and need for breeds to work. Racing, hunting, herding, whatever. It is this essence that makes them so amazing. If you adopt one of Blu Too hounds they are retired, not rescued.

© 2014 Blu Too Kennel